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Do you have some plastering work? Getting a professional plaster specialist can be a daunting task because most don’t deliver what they promise. 

However, before hiring a Shepparton plaster repairer, it’s essential to differentiate between a drywaller and a plasterer. Most modern construction plaster applications use drywall because it’s a faster, cost-effective, and more natural option. 

The skillset needed in building up plaster lays on lath is different from the ones for hanging gypsum and drywall. However, some skilled contractors offer both such as the Shepparton Plastering Services. 

Wall and ceiling plastering photo taken in Shepparton

The Differences between Plaster and Drywall Application 

You’re most likely to hear of two options when sourcing for a plaster repairer or specialist. These are the drywall and plaster. Modern homes tend to use drywall, which is a sandwich of gypsum between two sheets of paper. It’s mostly available in 4×8 foot panels, which are screwed into the wall’s studs. 

On the other hand, plaster and lath is a labour-intensive option since workers have to nail lath to the studs and then cover them with several layers of plaster. Shepparton plaster repairer should understand their strengths and weaknesses.  

Required Labor  

Plastering is labour-intensive compared to drywall; thus, it requires specialized tradesman. Therefore, you need to confirm whether Shepparton has skilled plasterers before committing to this high-maintenance material. It’s mainly so when the repair involves rebuilding the wall due to plumbing or electrical works. On the other hand, drywall repair is a straightforward, multiple-step process that you can complete yourself.  

Cost Consideration 

As stated above, plaster requires specialized skills compared to drywall applications. It also takes longer to install; thus, the cost of hiring a Shepparton plaster repairer is three times more than a drywaller. However, the cost of plaster and drywall materials is comparable.  


Plaster is a dense material; thus, it can block sound transmission than gypsum drywall. Although plaster is a dense material, it can’t outdo standard drywall in terms of thermal capabilities. Thus, the drywall installation process offers you certain flexibility to create more layers. Efforts to retrofit an existing plaster wall with insulation is quite challenging. Further, the energy-efficiency of plaster walls is lower than the drywall with insulation. 

Hanging Items on the Wall 

Another difference is that plaster is more complicated and brittle compared to drywall. While you can push thumbtacks into drywall to hang up posters, you’re not likely to do so on a plastered wall. Doing so will cause the surface to crack or chip. Use screws instead of nails when hanging your picture frame to avoid potential damages.  


Although drywall seems to be more advantageous than plaster, the latter has a higher-end look. Plaster can be applied in either stucco-like textured, glossy, and smooth finish. Thus, plaster is applied for many aesthetic upgrades, such as on curved walls, since it’s difficult to bend drywall as desired. In the other hand, in most houses, drywall use is nowadays when you compare every day with plaster use.

Qualities of a Good Shepparton Plaster Repairer  

From the above comparison, plaster is labour-intensive, takes longer to install, costly, and requires a higher skill set. Therefore, it’s vital to hire a qualified Shepparton plaster repairer to minimize poor workmanship.  Generally, a smooth plaster coating makes the house look beautiful while the uneven one destroys the entire wall appearance.  

The following are the qualities of a skilled plaster repairer.  

Should be a Professional

Plaster makes the house look beautiful, thus hire a professional Shepparton plaster repairer that will give you a smooth coating. More so, with specialized tools and skills, plastered wall designing can be quickly done while the surface is wet. Thus, hire a tradesperson that knows how to create such decorations.   

Should be both Trained and Experienced

It’s advisable to hire an experienced plasterer for your repair work because doing the same job for many years helps one to polish their skills. Further, carrying out different kinds of jobs helps plasterers handle various issues that may arise when repairing your plastered wall. The specialist has ready-made solutions for any problem. Therefore, opt for a well-trained and knowledgeable Shepparton plaster repairer, and confirm their qualification by checking the portfolios of their past work and certificates. 


A budget is a crucial factor when it comes to construction, repairing, or renovation work. Therefore, get quotes from different plasterers and compare their prices against the services they provide.  You can then negotiate the charges with the shortlisted plastering service providers. In the end, you will hire the top Shepparton plaster repairer offering the best price possible.  Some of the expected plastering services are: 

  • Preparing and cleaning the surface to be plastered.  
  • Plaster application on the required surface. 
  • Decoration of the wall using the plasterer’s skills and experience. 
  • Painting or application of sealants or waxes for protection purposes.  

Thus, it would be prudent to compare quotations with similar services. On the other hand, it’s important to remember that cheap quotes can be expensive due to rework, while a high quote doesn’t always mean a high-quality job. You should request for the reference of their previous work to confirm their pricing. There should be a good relationship between their pricing and portfolio.    

Understands Your Needs
Interior house plastering job photo done in Shepparton

The plaster repairer specialist should understand your needs. They can do that by listening to you as you explain your needs and budget, as well as prescribe a restoration plan according to the different factors you have stated.  They should also be familiar with your type of plaster, for as stated above, there is a difference between plaster and drywall. Therefore, their skill set should match the type of plaster you want.   


A homeowner can hire a professional plastering service providing company or an independent plaster repairer. A right Shepparton Plastering Services has a team of well trained and experienced plasterers to work on your walls or ceilings. These professionals understand different types of plastering services and have the required tools in addition to modern techniques that help them carry out their work efficiently and quickly. 

Further, the professional company works within your budget and deadlines. Thus, always hire skilled and experienced Shepparton plaster repairer for a guaranteed high-quality plastering job.

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