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Plastering Repairs

plastering repairs repairing services

Plaster is a soft material comprised of sand, cement and other substances to form a smooth and tough surface when dried.  Plaster is a more durable option when deciding between drywall and creates a higher quality finish. At Shepparton Plastering service we are experts. We know our craft and are dedicated tradesmen who love the material and are committed to delivering the best experience possible to our loyal customers. Be sure to speak to our servicemen regarding the extent of your plastering needs and gain the knowledge they are eager to share with you regarding the maintenance and upkeep of your plaster surface. Repairs to plaster can take some time depending on the size of the crack or water damage, but they also require some set time. Be sure to give yourself and your plaster some time to set after the repairs have been completed.

Chipped Plaster

To repair a chipped plaster section, firstly we sand down the patch so that it is completely smooth. Plastering repairs can be insignificant or substantial. Depending on the situation our team will assess and be able to delegate the proper repair process. Our team of high-level professionals is able to come and evaluate the level of plaster repairs necessary for your designated concern. From here we are able to quote and complete repairs to this patch of plaster. We guarantee that our customer service professionals will wow you with the seamless nature of the repair and the courteous nature.

Water Damage Plaster

A significant amount of water on plaster, if left untreated will loosen and soften the [plaster causing damage. The process to repair water damaged plaster is more extensive. Although it is not impossible our professionals do suggest that your take on a YouTube course in this repair. Without the proper knowledge and tools, a simple “fix” can roll into a larger repair in the end. Our tradesmen are easily able to assess the state of your water-damaged plaster and diagnose with a solution and a quote on the scene.

Cracked Plaster

Plaster is a durable and attractive walling option. Plaster, however, will inevitably develop cracks. These cracks can manifest in the form of hairline cracks or more extensive cracks. Although paint will fix the appearance of cracked plaster temporarily, the cracks will inevitably show up again. We suggest going in and fixing the source properly.  We are able to fix cracks no matter how extensive or minimal in your residential or commercial dwelling. Call today for more information or to speak to a plaster professional.

Textured Plaster

Textured plaster can be more difficult to smoothly and successfully repair. Textured plaster Visitors to your home do not need to notice the crack or peeling of your textured plaster. Call Shepparton Plastering Services to rectify your plastering woes today and be confident sharing your home with family and friends. Painting over the cracked plaster can diminish the value of the home when it comes to resale. We suggest that the plaster walls are repaired properly by professionals.