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Plastering Renovations

worker doing work close up

Renovations can be stressful. We all have gone through a renovation that was supposed to be minor but bigger issues kept presenting themselves. This can be overwhelming for first-time homeowners or novice contractors. Take the time to consult with Shepparton plastering services to see what can be taken off of your plate for your renovations. We are able to take care of water damage repairs, ceiling removal and replacement and so much more. Plastering renovations with us will give you the high-end finishing touch on your ceiling, walls and so much more.


Ceiling plastering can play a part in the renovations you have planned for your abode. In this case, we recommend that the ceiling is renovated prior to the walls. This is methodical and saves the work completed on the walls following the ceiling. Our team is knowledgeable in the process of plastering and will only do what is best for our clients. Our team is committed to the positive and satisfactory outcome of projects we are a part of. Your ceiling can be a statement piece or muted and classic, you decide and we will install.


The amount of work that can be included in a home renovation can be enormous. Our team will work with you and your general contractor team to eliminate any stress from the process and have your renovation run smoothly. Shepparton Plastering Services has a proven track record of working with other businesses and teams in this beautiful city. Our collaboration will put our renovation ahead of the curb and ahead of schedule. Take a load off and let us help take some of the renovation strain away.

Cover Dry Wall

Drywall is a weaker alternative to plaster. Because of its inferior nature, it is prone to crumble and break far before the durable plaster wall. We are happy to visit your home to assess the drywall you currently have in your home and the possibility of covering. Our certified tradesmen have the training necessary to make a renovation like this and excel in the field. We put our employees through strict training and stand behind the work performed. Our foreman reviews any work done on-premise and is able to rectify any errors as they are noticed.

Roof Leaks

Water damage, here it comes again. It seems like the never-ending issue that we almost escape then suddenly it's here again. We are absolutely able to repair and renovated roof leaks that have tainted the plaster on your ceiling, walls or both. We are here to expertly and efficiently remove the softened plaster and replace with new colour-matched plaster. It is time to call us and get a free quote today for any renovation needs you may have. Our friendly customer service team is knowledgeable and ready to answer your questions. You can set up a phone consultation or set up a date for a technician to come and assess the renovation.