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Plaster Insurance Work

plaster insruarance work services

Working with insurance companies for a number of years has given us the upper hand when complying with regulations and being chosen for approval. Our company is comprised of servicemen and employees who know the impact an insurance claim can have on you. It is no fun dealing with agencies than with contractors to repair your home to its former glory. Be confident when choosing Shepparton Plastering services to accomplish your insurance plasterwork. Our proven track record has shown that we are a reliable part of this community and are highly regarded by insurers.

Re Plastering Walls

There are multiple factors that can require a complete re-plastering of walls. There are circumstances out of our control that can wreak havoc on our home and require a complete re plastering. We are well equipped to handle this enormous task and have the training and manpower needed to complete the job in an efficient and effective manner.  We are a company built on trust and values. We value our employees and our customers and appreciate the trust they put into us.


Water damage can be detrimental. It is overwhelming what the liquid can do to seemingly strong structures. Water can be a powerful destructor to the plaster as it softens the material and crumbles the plaster. This is not impossible to fix but does require the old softened compromised plaster is removed before re plastering. Water damage can be treated on leaks through ceiling, walls and more. We are here to help with the overwhelming and stressful time that water damage can bring with it and alleviate some of the responsibility that comes with insurance work. Call today for our insurance corporation policies and partnerships and feel better now.

Fire Damage

Part of our insurance response services deals with the possibility of fire damage to your residence or commercial property. We understand the heartache that accompanies a customer when dealing with several demanding, costly repairs. We aim to lessen this burden and simplify the process for our customers. We can go a step further and deal with the insurance companies directly in many specific circumstances. We are a preferred vendor by many of our countries leading insurance companies as our work has been trusted and proved over a long period of time.

Major Insurance Companies

When dealing with potential damage to your interior or exterior, we can almost always guarantee that insurance companies are asking for several supporting documents and possibly only making your life more challenging. This is why, very recently, we adopted the service to work alongside major insurance companies. We can directly supply pictures, quotes or written reports of the work required or the sections damaged.  Our team has built strong relationships with many of the major insurers in town as we try to simplify the entire process for our valued community and customers.  Call our customer service team today to discuss your insurance claim and how we can expedite your service.