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New House Plastering

a room having plastering services

One of our favourite company services we offer is our new house plastering. This is an opportunity for our team to work together with all different aspects of the new house construction to deliver the highest quality result possible for the client. With adequate consultation and guidance, our team, together with our client, will be able to customize and make the necessary substitutions to offer a custom approach to your new house. At the end of this entire process, you want all trades and services working seamlessly together in pursuit of one common goal: to work together to build our shared client the best home possible. Go ahead and contact our office today to book your consultation with one of our lead designers or project managers.

New Builds

There are several moving parts to the new construction of a house or building. There are many decisions to be made, dates to decide upon as well as budgets to adhere to. All of these decisions are difficult and important ones for our customers to make. We align our service appropriately to facilitate our clients in making these decisions with all the information necessary. This means accurate budgets, accurate expectations regarding timelines and an accurate expectation of achievable results. We put ourselves in our client’s shoes during the new build process. We have personally been there before and are here to make it all easier for you.


During the construction of a new house or structure, there are frequently last-minute changes that require all hands on deck to be adaptable. Should you not have the team willing to adjust or adapt to budgets or timelines, you could find yourself with bigger issues. As described earlier, our team dedicates a project lead to each project to supervise the entire operation from start to finish. We even dedicate that service to our clients after our job has been complete. This is because we want our clients to have a smooth simple and positively memorable experience with our organization.


A renovation is some time, more often than not, more complicated than a straight-lined new build. In a renovation, you are trying to bring about a change to a pre-existing structure. Trying to bring about a contemporary look amongst an aged or outdated building. A successful renovation requires a multitude of ingredients to go as planned. Our team has helped many of our customers with successful renovations of many parts of their house or business. Call our team today to discuss how we can guide you towards your next renovation.

Painting Services

When it is all said and done, the plaster or drywall has been installed and the finish has been applied, our customers may require a painting service. As we are able to customize our services, we can quote this into the entirety of the job on the onset. Over the years, our business has been fortunate to develop everlasting relationships with leaders in their field, including the painting field.