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Ceiling And Cornice Installations

happy man doing wall plastering

Ceiling plastering should be completed prior to the plastering of the walls in any room. This order is specific and holds a purpose. We have various options for the type and colour of plaster that can be used on the ceiling. Along with the plaster, we offer the installation of the cornice. For those not familiar with the term cornice is essentially moulding that covers the joints between the ceiling and the walls below. Our team of trusted associates is here to answer any questions you may have regarding ceiling plastering and cornice installation. What will you choose? There are so many options! Stop in today and start the ceiling rolling.


The cornice is profiled moulding used to hide the meeting of the wall and the ceiling. This can be fairly simple or highly ornate. Another word used to describe the cornice is ‘coving’. What is the functional aspect of cornice? Does it do anything? Well, not really. Essentially cornice is just a moulding that covers the joints connecting the wall to the ceiling. This coving can add character and intrigue to your home and is popular in contemporary and rustic designs. If you are interested in cornice we have a variety of vendors we have a close working relationship with and have many samples in store.


We know that the ceiling isn’t always the first part you look at in your home, but when you look up we want you to be happy with how your ceiling looks. Whether you prefer ornate over the top decoration or simple muted themes, we are able to help you find the right cornice for your decorative desires. Installation can be a tedious job and require the proper tools to reach the appropriate height and comply with industry standards.


The ceiling should always be prioritized prior to the walls. This is so that if any plaster is to be misplaced the walls are the last feature to be done. We are experts in ceiling plastering and are able to accomplish any size big or small. If you are in need of a quote or consultation to decide if the plaster is the material for you to choose then reach out today. Our talented professional team is waiting to help you with all your plastering needs. The ceiling may not be the first thing that your guests will look at, but surely it is just as important as any other wall in your abode.

Plaster Over Paint

We occasionally have clients who ask, can you plaster over a painted ceiling? The answer is yes. There, however, are factors to be considered before this step is taken. First, we need to decide if the existing paint is in good condition if the answer is no the paint should be removed. It is beneficial to remove the paint prior to plastering the ceiling and this is what Shepparton Plastering Services recommends. We do not take shortcuts with our client's homes and you should not with your own.