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Shepparton Plastering Services

Shepparton Plastering Services


Plaster is a durable and high quality option when you are deciding your wall options. When you choose plaster you know that you are choosing quality and strength. When you choose Shepparton Plastering Services you are choosing industry-leading experts who are educated and excel at their craft. Be sure that you have chosen the absolute best team for the job and are able to say with confidence that your plastering will come out as expected guaranteed.

Shepparton plastering is a plastering company with so many years of combined experience in all plastering industry-related issues. Our team of qualified plasterers, aspiring apprentices, and hardworking and dedicated intermediates can deliver higher quality, valued, on-time delivery, and friendly attitude.

Shepparton plastering company is a company that takes pride in building and protecting its reputation as one of the most trusted plastering company in Australia. It doesn’t matter the size, type of job. We do Repairs, new plastering, commercial plastering, plastering renovation, ceiling, and cornice installation, plastering repairs, and plaster insurance work to mention but just a few.

Shepparton plastering services provide the following services.

About Us

Shepparton Plastering Services is a customer-oriented outfit that serves our community. We know that our customer comes first and we will go above and beyond to thank our customers for choosing Shepparton Plastering Services. Our loyal customers know that they will be taken care of by a company who truly cares for their employees and clients. We treat our staff like family and they are hardworking and are high-quality performers. We are confident that once you meet with any one of our team members you will have no doubt who to confer with regarding your plastering needs.


Our Services

Shepparton Plastering Services offers various services to help facilitate your plastering needs. Plastering is our name, game and everything in between. If you have questions or concerns we are able to consult with no guarantee of service required. Our friendly, knowledgeable service people are more than happy to help you through any questions and book one of our many services today. Our services include but are not limited to; new house plastering, commercial plastering, plastering renovation, ceiling and cornice installation, plastering repairs and plaster insurance work.

If you have a question you may find the answer on our FAQ page.

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New House Plastering

New construction is exciting. The process to get to the plastering stage is extensive and so much goes behind the final layer of plaster. New homes seem to change with the addition of plaster, they become more whole. We offer this service for newly constructed homes and offer quotes upon consultation with the construction company. Bring your new home to life with plastering performed by Shepparton Plastering Services. You deserve to love your new beginning and we know you will with customized plastering services from the top service provider.

Shepparton plastering offers new house plastering services. It is an opportunity for our team to work to show the credibility of adding final touches to finishing your house. Shepparton plastering combines different aspects of new house construction to deliver quality and incredible plastering.

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Following adequate guidance and consultation amongst our team members, we will be able to providecustomized service to enable usto providea custom approach to your new house. And finally, you will have everything aboutthe plastering of your new home.There are different things to be done to the newly constructed house. Our clients have the decision to make and dates to decide upon, as well as the budget. Shepparton plastering understands that such choices are hard to make, so we align our process with our customers to help them make the right decision.

Always reach out to supportive customer care service for any assistance.

Let’s now look at some services under new house plastering

People sometimes may decide to have some changes as the construction is going on. As a result, it may cause conflicts with them undertaking construction and finally find that you have a bundle challenge. However, Shepparton plastering will offer project(house) supervision from the start to the end. We ensure that our clients take over the building after it is finished because we want to maintain a positive relationship between the Shepparton plastering community and our clients.


Renovating a building may be complicated and more frustrating than building a new house. When you are renovating, you are trying to change the look of the old building to like a new one. For this to happen, resources are gathered in place. Unlike other company, Shepparton plastering services has helped many of our clients come up with a new looking house after renovation. Our team, professionally equipped with modern plastering skills, will make do it for you. All you need is to contact, and we will embark on the renovating process sooner than later.


Painting services

When you have plastered your building, and now it is looking beautiful, you are required to do something extra to make it look elegant. You may need to do some painting. Shepparton plastering, we can offer all kinds of painting on any building. We will customize it to fit feet your “taste” and “preference.” Over the years, we have been able to establish a long term relationship with our clients and built a positive reputation.

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Commercial Plastering

Does your commercial space require plastering? If you are looking for a more durable option with a high-quality finish then commercial plastering services is the route for you to go. Call today to book a consultation with one of our informed trusted plaster technicians today and get your free quote. Commercial plastering can be a big job. The bigger the job the more room there is for error. We want your commercial plastering needs to go as planned, and the best way for this to come to fruition it to call Shepparton Plastering Services first

Ensuring commercial plastering is looking professional and modern is essential for commercial purposes. One of the elements that can make your building seem to run down is the ceiling and the walls. Imagine your building having walls and ceiling with stains and holes.

Latest plastering job done in Shepparton

Such things in your commercial building result in unwelcoming environments and impact your business negatively. The best solution is repairing, but you could make things worse if you do it yourself. That is why we Shepparton plastering. We are here to offer you incredible service. We guarantee you anew face to your building.

We offer a wide range of commercial services

Stucco finishes

Shepparton plastering services mostly encounterbuildings that require stucco finishes, repair, or application. Stucco finishes can be applied to a flat or a curved service in your business or home. Shepparton plastering services provide stucco finishing for many clients, as many like it due to advantages associated with it. The low cost of installation and cheap in maintaining is among the benefits of stucco finishing. Shepparton plastering,we value decisions of our clients that is why we always discuss with them on the best surface that fits their cover. We are the best company in providing stunning finishes in Australia. Never hesitate to call us in case you need our service.

Drywall installation

Shepparton plastering service has also majored in drywall installation.  Drywall installation is a familiar thing as it has been seen in most of the interior design of our households and business. It is a large interior panel fixed on the framing of the interior walls. We are a company that values your money and the interior look of your house. Shepparton plastering services, we are tested and proved. Reach out to us for drywall installation services.


Many assume that the Shepparton plastering service only offers interior finishing services. However, exterior plastering service is also our thing. We are all-round good. We shall carefully craft your exterior design having an installation board, reinforcement mesh with the addition of two coats. Between the two layers, one is the base, and the other is for an appealing look. We have offered the service around the Shepparton area, and it is always amazing to our clients.  Reach out to our team, and we shall see how to work it out within the shortest time possible.

Specialty finishes

Do you have a project that is bothering you? Why does it have to disturb you anyway? Shepparton plastering services, we are always a call away. Never be reluctant to give us a call. We will do our level best to deliver what you want. Shepparton plastering services will exercise its 40 plus years of experience to ensure that we satisfy your heart desire. We urge our clients to reach out to people with plastering challenge, to come and discuss with us.

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Plastering Renovations

Plastering is not limited to new construction or repairs. Plastering needs can vary from home to home and a common occurrence is a renovation. Shepparton Plastering Services is the highest-rated and most qualified outfit that you have for choice in your plastering needs. Look at your walls with love and not with regret by hiring the expert team first. Renovations can be stressful, nut takes the stress out of your day by hiring Shepparton Plastering professionals to complete your plastering renovation in style and on time.

Getting the right contractor is all about simple details. Holes, dents, and scratches can bring down the look of the entire household. At Shepparton plastering services, we understand that you require your best.

Many people assume that hiring the best contractor requires too much of you. However,Shepparton plastering services, we are contractors of our own. We are professionally recognized with excellent services, but we are always affordable.

Here are the services under plastering renovation


A ceiling can change the look of your room. It can bring character, uniqueness in any place. Since words go, people have used the ceiling as a means of expression and decoration. Colour Patterns and structural elements have been away to add style. However, this is not possible with every other contractor. That is why we always tell you the Shepparton plastering service is the contractor to hire.


During the renovation, a lot of work can be enormous.  Shepparton plastering services have a proven track of record working with other business in and around the city. Our team of professional and experienced personnel will have your renovation done without any stress. Cooperation between our team and clients will put our renovation ahead of the game.

Cover drywall

Drywall can be as an alternative to plaster. Drywall is prone to break due to its inferiority. Shepparton plastering services, we are proud to visit your home, see the drywall you installed and decide the possibility of covering it. Our team with artisans equipped with modern and trending plastering techniques ready to handle it for you all. We always work as a team in ensuring projects free from errors and flaws.

Roof leaks

Roof leakage is the penetration of the water through the small holes on the sheets covering your home. They cause damage to yourceiling as well as plastered walls. However, this should not keep you stressed. Shepparton plastering services, we are a team ready to have your roof repaired. We are here to professionally and correctly repair your ceiling together with the damaged plaster.

Call us now and get a quote that will favour you most more than never.

“I accidently overflowed the bath in my grandma’s house (whoops) anyway, I ruined some plastering she had and so then I went out fixing this water damage. I am not handy in any way, so I called Shepparton Plastering Services for a consult. They were on time and super friendly. Helped my grandma and me out. She was happy. “ Taylor M.

plaster insruarance work services

“We recently moved from our first family home to our new build. Its beautiful and we have picked out everything from the beginning. I knew I wanted plaster because of the durable nature of the option. Called on my friends at Shepparton Plastering Services And WOW. They were amazing. I know I could not have been easy to handle with my high demands, but they went above and beyond. Thanks guys it looks AMAZING.” Katherine P.

plastering repairs repairing services

“I have been using Shepparton Plastering Services for years. Love them, and I wont use anyone else.” Anthony T.

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Ceiling And Cornice Installations

Ceiling and cornice installation is a service performed and excelled at by Shepparton Plastering Services. We are able to expertly perform this service with confidence and masterful technique. We offer high-level results with affordable service fees. Convenience and efficiency are strong attributes that our team brings to the table. We are able to complete jobs on time and with outstanding results. Ceilings may be out of the way, but they make a big impact on the feel and openness of the room. If there is a poor job performed or less than necessary care injected the result can be unsatisfactory results.

When you need your job done, Shepparton plastering services are your go-to contractor. No responsibility is small or complex for our team. Our and ceiling expert will gladly take on your project so you can create the ceiling design you want. As one of the Australia best ceiling contractors, Shepparton plastering, we are proud of our achievements across the city in beautifying their interior. You don’t need to think anymore, come, and we shall leave you smiling.

Here are other services under ceiling and cornice installation

man doing ceiling cornice installation


A cornice is a mechanism used to hide the edges between the wall and the ceiling. We have used this for many years, and the results have been fantastic. It is Shepparton plastering that will add value to your home by sealing the edges completely. We have never disappointed anyone. Why should you remain in a dilemma anymore? Come, we are here for you.


Make your celling look extra good by hiring the rightcontractor for your project. Shepparton plastering, we will over you the right design you want. We will customize it for you. Whether you prefer ornate over the top or simple muted themes, Shepparton plastering, we can offer you the right cornice for you.

Plaster over paint

We have had many clients who come asking whether we can plaster a painted ceiling for them. The answer is obvious; we Shepparton plastering, there is nothing impossible with us. However, we consider some factors. We always inquire if the paint is too old. If it is, we recommend removal and then plaster your ceiling. It is what we are meant to do. We always offer outstanding services.

Latest plastering job done in Shepparton

Plastering Repairs

Save yourself the trouble and time of replacing your whole plaster by repairing the cracked, pockmarked or water damaged plaster. Waster damaged plaster can soften the plaster and cause it to disintegrate. Our crew is licensed and trained in all things plaster. We hire exceptional tradesmen to work with our award-winning team to help with your plaster needs.

Are you suspecting it is time to repair the plaster of your home? At Shepparton plastering, we offer repair for wall plaster and ceiling plastering. We apply our in-depth experience and address both wall and ceiling related issues with professional precision. Shepparton plastering, we will serve you till you are satisfied, then give you a warrant on the service.

Here are services we offer in plaster repair

man doing plastering repairs

Chipper plaster

We provide a well-organized service. So to repair a chipped part, we remove the patch so ensure smoothness. Shepparton plastering understands it is crucial to know whether plastering is substantial or insignificant. Our team will assess and be able to implement the right repair procedure. Our technical team will visit first and determine the level of damage and design the plastering procedure for your home. Then after this, we will repair it correctly and accurately.

Water damaged plaster

Plaster exposed in no small amount of water obviously will be damaged. Plaster gets softened by the water, and with time, its durability and strength are compromised, and finally, damage occurs. When you have such misfortune, reach out to Shepparton plastering service for faster, quicker and guaranteed plastering service, we never guess things but do then as expected.

Textured plaster

We are Sheppartonplastering service provide, so we will never say that it is challenging to repair textured plaster. Do not let your guest notice the crack or peeling of your textured plaster. Reach out to Shepparton plastering by filling the quote form, and we will get back to your soonest possible. Let us rebuild your confidence in welcome visitors to your home.

Plaster Insurance Work

Insurance dealings can be stressful. Take some stress out of the game by utilizing our services as we are verified contractors with major insurance companies. Our high standards and quality of work have secured Shepparton a high-level working relationship with insurance companies. Insurers trust us to complete the work needed to get your home or commercial space back to working order. You can trust us too. We are here for your plastering needs.

Shepparton plastering will give you peace of mind by giving you the confidence that if the unexpected happens, we have got your covered. We know that it is not enjoyable to deal with agencies and contractors at the same time. We are happy when we see our clients delighted after we do plastering insurance work for them.  We are valid and up to the task. Never have doubts when contacting us. We will make it happen for a while, sited at the comfort of your living room.

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Here the services covered under our plaster insurance work

Replastering walls

Replastering means plastering the whole wall or walls alone. Some situations that are out of control can force replastering. Shepparton plastering service, we are equipped to handle it confidently. We have the knowledge needed and the workforce to complete the task. We are a company that depends on the trust built over the years.

Water damage

Water can easily damage stable structures. It can destroy plaster made by the best contractors you have ever seen. But you don’t have to be worried. When the unexpected happens, make us your first friend to consult. We are here to counter the damage by the water on your walls.

Fire damage

Shepparton plastering service offers a service that involves a response to fire in case it breaks out. We get the feeling when our client incurs costs. But we are here to make it easier for you by doing a follow up with insurance company in many situations. We are a better option for many of our clients. Let’s communicate right away.

Major insurance companies

We as Shepparton plastering we believe that for compensation that involves potential damage, the insurance company is asking for support documents. Consequently, this makes your life more difficult. However, Shepparton plastering adopted a mechanism of working with them. We can provide the image, repots any other evidence of the damaged part. We have a team that is close to insurance companies; just make the whole process simple. Contact us for a process start-up.

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